R4 Torx Screws #9 X 3-1/8'' 100-pack

R4 Torx Screws #9 X 3-1/8'' 100-pack Reviews

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In addition to a Torx-head design that eliminates cam-out slippage, these innovative self-countersinking bits feature six cutting pockets beneath the head and sharp, saw-like lower threads to drive through a variety of materials smoothly, without tearing. Available in several lengths and sizes.

Torx/Star-head driver bits also available (Rockler #s 28420, 21392, 25243 and 26008, sold separately).

The R4 is a multi-purpose screw that can be used in all woodworking and plastic applications.

Great for:
* Wood Cement Fiber Board
* Particle Board Composite Decking
* Plastic Wood Decking
* Sheet Metal Melamine

Additional features:
* Sub-head cutters create clean countersunk holes without damaging the surface even in brittle materials.
* Eliminates pre-drilling in most cases
* Fits perfectly into existing countersunk holes on hinges and other hardware fittings.
* Screws 2" long or longer have special CEE thread that enlarges screw hole and improves performance.

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